The Best Weekly Checklist for Moving

The Best Weekly Checklist for Moving

Moving day is one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life. Planning out a moving checklist several weeks before you move makes all the difference. There are several crucial tips from finding a moving truck to researching service providers to researching moving day items weeks ahead of time that help with organizing before the big day. 

Some of the tips for moving include things like a checklist, steps to take two weeks and even 30 days out, who you should notify before moving, and decluttering your belongings. 

Moving requires a lot of planning even if you have an excellent moving company helping support you. Use this guide as a checklist and ensure that you have a smooth transition to your new home. Read on to find out the best tips for moving. 

Is There a Checklist for Moving?

A moving checklist of scheduling, packing, cleaning, and moving helps reduce the stress and anxiety of a move to a new home. Your moving day will get a lot more hectic as you near it, so planning ahead of time and asking for help from family and friends is important.

The best checklist for moving breaks down your move week by week. For eight weeks out until the week before your move, there are many different things that need serious consideration. 

What Should I do Two Months Before Moving? 

Many people might not consider anything two months before moving. However, there are several tasks that should get taken care of early on which help reduce stress as you get closer to the moving date. 

Research is crucial at this point in your move. Using resources like the Better Business Bureau and U.S. Department of Transportation help immensely with figuring out many parts of your move. 

8 Weeks Before You Move

At eight weeks out, you aren’t doing much organizing or moving of items yet. However, it would be best if you did some research for the upcoming moving day logistics.

  • Learn about the laws and responsibilities of moving in your region of the United States and federally from the U.S. Department of Transportation website before your moving day.  
  • Research a great moving company that has plenty of information about your upcoming move. 
  • Decide if you want more insurance before your move. Locking in moving and home insurance that takes effect as you move into your new home is important for your protection of property and your family. 
  • If the area you move to is a new region, make sure you do plenty of research on places like schools, doctors, banks, and other essential businesses. 

7 Weeks Before You Move

This is the week where it would be best if you focus your research on locking down a reputable and quality moving company for your moving day. 

  • Find a company that provides a free estimate of moving services. Research several local moving companies and get estimates for comparison. 
  • Keep a binder of the moving estimates or a cloud document with all of the estimates for comparison. 
  • Consider the items that you aren’t using anymore and plan a garage sale.

6 Weeks Before You Move

One of the critical parts of making your moving day smooth is ensuring that you have mail forwarded to your new address. You should also start putting your plan into action by organizing and categorizing the items in your current home. 

  • List the online accounts that you need to notify about your change address.
  • List the businesses that you need to notify about your change your address.
  • Go to every room in your home and make donations decisions.
  • Start with clothes in the closet that may not fit anymore.
  • Then, look at the things in the rooms that are extra or not getting used.
  • Start the transition process for your children’s schools so that things go smoothly.
  • Start packing those things that are seasonal or are used rarely. Store these things in the garage or somewhere where they are not in the way.
  • Have your garage sale this week and try to earn some extra money to pay for one of the moving companies and tip your movers.

5 Weeks Before Your Move 

Packing your items takes quite a while. This week is the week where some serious packing takes place. You also want the specialty packing items ordered and purchased so you can start using them. 

  • Order the specialty moving boxes and packing items if the moving company does not provide them. 
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Dish boxes
  • Mattress bags
  • Packing foam and wrap
  • TV boxes and padding
  • Use up the food in your refrigerator. You may want to create a meal list for the remaining weeks in your home so you only buy what is essential before the move. 
  • Get the supplies you need for packing everything in your home such as boxes and tape. 
  • Make a plan for each room in your home. List the things that are in each room before you start putting them in boxes. 
  • Make an announcement for friends and family. Possibly create an email announcement so that everyone has your new address on file. 
  • Make sure that every box is labeled in some way; with the room name, a number, a color, or with a short list of the contents on the outside of all moving boxes.

4 Weeks Weeks Before You Move 

Your move is now one month away! Most of your moving boxes should be packed by this point so that you can focus on the official paperwork that needs to get completed and filed this month. 

  • Use the U.S. Postal Services Change of Address link to complete your official change of address. 
  • Contact all businesses on your list and inform them of your changed address.
  • Make plans for taking work off at your job around the dates of your move.

3 Weeks Before You Move

During this week you should take care of subscriptions. Also, document things in the home that expensive and will get moved by the moving company(grandfather clocks, antique tables, etc.). Take pictures and note any existing scratches or damage. 

  • Get your valuables like important documents, jewelry, and family heirlooms together. Keep them separate and move them in your own personal vehicle. 
  • Cancel or change the subscriptions coming to your home such as newspapers or other home delivery items. 

2 Weeks Before You Move

This week is for tying up the loose ends before you move. Cleaning appliances, getting cash for the move, packing belongings for a few days around the move. 

  • Fill prescriptions for your medication so you have plenty around the move. 
  • Keep packing so that there is not an overwhelming amount to get done in the final week. 
  • Get cash for tipping the movers. 
  • Set up disconnection of gas lines from major appliances by professionals. 

1 Week Before you Move

This is the week you are moving! 

  • Schedule your utilities to get turned off or transferred.
  • Get your family to pack suitcases for a few days. 
  • Confirm that the moving company is coming on the agreed-upon date. 

Use Local Moves LLC As Part of Your Moving Checklist

Moving may be stressful, but if you spread out your duties before a move you will help relieve a lot of that anxiety. Use this checklist throughout your move so that your move is as smooth as possible.

The professionals at Local Moves LLC are detail-oriented and can help you check off many of the items on this moving checklist. Our team of friendly moving day service providers is available for all of your moving needs. 

Some of the reasons that Local Moves LLC is such a great choice as part of your moving checklist include: 

  • A dedicated team of experienced movers
  • Piano and other heavy item moving
  • Commercial or residential moving
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